Railways And Bridges
Name Of Work Quantity
Earthwork Excavation 18 Million Cum
Major Bridges 23 Nos
Minor Bridges 184 Nos
Track linking and laying 250 TKM
Ballast 5,00,000 Cum
Concrete Ting 2,00,000 Cum
Length of the Bridges 10,000 Meters
Total Deck area of Bridges constructed 3,00,000 SQM
Name Of Work Quantity
Total Carpet Area 2,04,245 SQM
Total Concreting 1,04,633 CUM
Total Steel 10,200 MT
Bridges / Flyovers
Tracks & Towers has teams of skilled bridge engineers at our sites this team operate within the same stringent quality assurance environment that ensures a consistent high quality product.


Our engineers use advanced industry standards for making analysis, design and draughting, supplemented where necessary with our own in-house programs


We build Flyovers, Road Over Bridges and Cross Drainage Works. We specialize in the casting of PSC girders as a part of the superstructure of bridges.


With more than a thousand bridges connecting India, We have expertise in the design, engineering and building of bridges. The range includes Arch and Bowstring Girder Bridges, Cable-Stayed Bridges and Balanced Cantilever Bridges to name a few. The Company is adept in the techniques of launching Underwater Concreting, developing supporting equipment like Pneumatic Caissons, Winches, Cables and Grouting Machinery, as well as building supporting structures.


One of our major strengths has been construction of bridges/flyovers/viaducts on pile foundations/well foundations and open foundations. The bridges included both roads & railway bridges and for most of these bridges the superstructure comprised of prestressed concrete box girders and of spans ranging between 20 m and 150 m. Tracks & Towers has constructed bridges of length in excess of 20,000 m and total deck area of bridges constructed by us in more than 3.00.000 Sqm.


Some of the bridges and flyovers constructed by us have been appreciated the most outstanding bridges structures.


We have constructed Cable Stayed Bridges, Arch Bridges, Continuous Box Girder Bridges, Balance Cantilever Bridges, Double Decks Bridges. We have used pre-stressed precast method, Precast segmental methods, post-tensioning precast method, Cast in-situ method besides other methods.


Foundations & Piling

There is a great range of potential foundation types for bridges, depending on the quality and variability of the ground, and the form and articulation of the bridge. We have the expertise in geotechnics and in structural engineering to design for all situations. Our geotechnical engineers work together with our bridge experts to ensure that the bridge and its foundations are treated holistically.


We have experience of all types of piling - bored cast concrete (cased and uncased), driven steel (tubular and H-section), and driven precast concrete being the most common. One of the most essential elements of pile design is to select a type that is appropriate to not only the ground and groundwater conditions but construction and site constraints. We've been involved in every stage of the design process, from assessment of ground conditions, pile selection and design for capacity, to settlement prediction and back-analysis of pile tests.


Another deep foundation solution for bridges is caissons, and we have designed and supervised some of the largest of this type of structure in the world.


Where the ground conditions are good, our hard rock engineering expertise is vital in ensuring that settlements of spread footings or arch bases are controlled and the rock mass is mobilised to resist the imposed forces.


Bridge Architecture

In addition to serving structurally bridges have a major aesthetic presence. Consideration of bridge architecture for new designs and the renovation of existing structures go hand in hand with structural engineering. Our engineers take pride in producing designs with appropriate visual impacts, whether it is to create a striking visual statement or to develop an unobtrusive structure which blends into its environment.


We regularly work with architects, and have established relationships with several firms with strong track records in bridge architecture. This is vital because the architecture and structure are one and the same and the visual and structural design must be developed together.


Strengthening Bridges

Tracks & Towers assists clients in the strengthening of their existing bridge stock to cater for increasing traffic loads, changes to codes and standards and as a result of damage or material degradation.


Bridges of all types and sizes have been enhanced and life spans extended due to our innovative design solutions.


One of the major projects has the following strengthening methods that are being utilized:
  • External post tensioning
  • Injection grouting of pad foundations
  • Metalock mechanical stitching
  • Steel plate bonding
  • Carbon fibre plate bonding
  • Friction grip bolting and welding of steel strengthening plates
  • Replacement of elements/components with higher grade material
  • Redistribution of dead load bending stresses by hydraulic jacking

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