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Bridges & Flyovers

Bridges & Flyovers

Tracks & Towers has teams of skilled bridge engineers at our sites this team operate within the same stringent quality assurance environment that ensures a consistent high quality product. Our engineers use advanced industry standards for making analysis, design and draughting, supplemented where necessary with our own in-house programs We build Flyovers, Road Over Bridges and Cross Drainage Works. We specialize in the casting of PSC girders as a part of the superstructure of bridges.

With more than a thousand bridges connecting India, We have expertise in the design, engineering and building of bridges. The range includes Arch and Bowstring Girder Bridges, Cable-Stayed Bridges and Balanced Cantilever Bridges to name a few. The Company is adept in the techniques of launching Underwater Concreting, developing supporting equipment like Pneumatic Caissons, Winches, Cables and Grouting Machinery, as well as building supporting structures.

One of our major strengths has been construction of bridges/flyovers/viaducts on pile foundations/well foundations and open foundations. The bridges included both roads & railway bridges and for most of these bridges the superstructure comprised of prestressed concrete box girders and of spans ranging between 20 m and 150 m. Tracks & Towers has constructed bridges of length.

Some of the bridges and flyovers constructed by us have been appreciated the most outstanding bridges structures.
We have constructed Cable Stayed Bridges, Arch Bridges, Continuous Box Girder Bridges, Balance Cantilever Bridges, Double Decks Bridges. We have used pre-stressed precast method, Precast segmental methods, post-tensioning precast method, Cast in-situ method besides other methods.