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Buildings & Civil Works

Buildings & Civil Works

We are contractors of choice not by being the largest but by being the best. Respected for our ability to both construct new buildings and refurbish existing properties, our key attributes are to build quality solutions, to build safely, to build environmental awareness, to build trust and to build long term relationships by creating added value to our customers' on-going property requirements. A strong infrastructure is the very foundation of our communities and nation.

We have built a wide array of complex civil and transportation projects totalling nearly more than ₹22,000Cr in construction cost. We have constructed buildings providing services including the structural design, architectural design, landscaping and other major services like internal electrification, water supply and sanitation. Innovation, creativity, and design excellence are principle aspirations for our structural and civil engineering practice. We believe that the best engineering solutions result from a close collaboration with our client's vision.

Our designs are sensitive to architectural goals that result in distinctive and timeless structures. We believe in constant renewal of our professional and our firm's proficiency through intellectual challenges, searching for new ideas with each project-ideas that may influence projects yet to be conceived.

While the demands of every client and project site are different, certain themes resonate across much of SOM's recent work for educational institutions. Among these are the importance of light in learning spaces, the need for informal areas that support learning beyond the classroom, the critical role of technology, the benefit of planned flexibility for institutions with long time horizons, and the opportunity that sustainability brings to lower operating costs and improve the quality of the campus environment.