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Founder's Message

A. Ravi Kumar
Chairman & Managing Director

I wish to place on record my appreciation to all my family members, clients, staff and patrons, for their continued support and encouragement, which has enabled us to remain more focused, and enhance the quality of our projects ensuring timely delivery of all our commitments. The need to accelerate business operations, optimize resource utilization and to enhance our efficiency has never been greater.

At tracks and Towers Infratech, we fully understand that our clients have multifaceted businesses that require refined strategies and industrial expertise. Our projects are carefully customized according to the specific requirements of the ordering authorities with combined planning  and deployment of quality human resources- requisite   for successful completion of the project.

Through our endeavours, we do our utmost to ensure that each business element promotes a ground-breaking quality, which   is characterized   by the constraints, a comfort zone at the workplace and zeal for precision

At the core of Tracks & Tower's business, is its highly dedicated work force and advanced technology. Like any businesses, we do face challenges, but more often than not, we have not only successfully managed to come out unscathed but also have been able to further consolidate our position nationally as well as globally. A steadfast commitment to achieve the desired business goals empowers the core team to be more than just a group of talented individuals.

The inherent idea before delivering projects is to gainfully serve the public at large, and facilitate the process of economic development and progress. Whilst we do create the finest tools in the world, it most definitely needs a highly skilled workforce to resourcefully use those tools and offer a precision-driven service, and that is what sets us apart   from our competitors. The skills of our team coupled with the need for perfection helps us to realize the greatest architectural and engineering executions in India.

Business and technology are the two things that are always on the move. To keep up with the ever-changing trends, we keep exploring, developing and adopting new advancements to place our solutions ahead of the curve. We strongly believe that we have a moral responsibility towards our clients- thus being innovative in solutions always counts. We deploy innovative technology to strike a balance between the form and function of constructions undertaken and civil engineering projects executed.

Since the origin of the company in 1983  till the present day, we are proud to say that we have come a long way. Our achievement galore has been remarkable with complete customer satisfaction. However, what has remained constant as ever has been our vision to serve our clients competently and collaboratively. Any kind of business loss or gain is inconsequential when we undertake to execute a project, be it government or private sector. Our sole priority is to achieve the highest quality standards and deliver projects at reasonable costs and within fixed time lines.

Despite all the accomplishments and mile stones achieved, one thing that I would like to assure you is that this is just a humble beginning. We have just set our feet on the growth curve and things are only destined for an upswing.  So, hold on to us, the best is yet to come!